COCDF’s Executive Director and Chief Engagement Officer Adam Troy spoke at this year’s OSU Legends Lecture Series: How to Become a Legend in Business at OSU’s Fisher College of Business on Thursday. The event was sponsored by the Black MBA Association. Adam spoke to students, faculty, and guests about the foundation’s mission: Creating a Connected Community, and his personal mission of “Maximizing Human Potential through the Art of Access — Connecting People, Place, and Product.’ The presentation centered on social entrepreneurship and driving meaningful and productive partnerships. He emphasized working with young people, especially young entrepreneurs. Too often we leave them out of the conversation or push them away from the table because they may not have the years of experience or education. But as business people, they have ideas and this is where they can learn. Adam also advised everyone in the room to be a connected citizen. Network, get to know people, work on different projects in the community, volunteer. This is how we grow and make a difference.